The Girdwood Area Plan Update Committee and Hays Research group are conducting a community survey. This is an important survey. Information the survey provides about the Girdwood community will be made a part of the updated Girdwood Area Plan and will guide decisions regarding the future use of lands and quality of life in the Girdwood area. We need your help to identify the issues that matter to Girdwood residents.

A few important things you should know:

  • All Girdwood residents and/or property owners 18 years and older are encouraged to fill out this survey.

  • Unless you choose otherwise, the responses to the survey will be anonymous. The data collected by Hays Research Group will be anonymized and combined with responses from hundreds of other Girdwood residents. The Girdwood Area Plan Committee will have no way to identify how any specific individual responds to the survey.

We value the opinions of every Girdwood resident and/or property owner and thank you for providing your feedback.

If you have any questions, or if you would prefer to take this survey over the phone, please give us a call at 907-310-6785.